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Year 6

RAF Museum




Embarking on an exhilarating experience, Year 6 students delve into the rich history of aviation at the RAF museum. Enthralled by the towering aircraft and immersive exhibits, their imaginations soar. A highlight of the adventure is a captivating workshop, transporting them back to the classrooms of World War II. Engrossed in tales of bravery and resilience, they marvel at the artefacts and stories that echoed through time. With eager minds, they absorb every detail, from the blackboards to the ration books, gaining a profound understanding of life during wartime. This journey through history ignites their curiosity and leaves an indelible mark on their young hearts.



Windsor Theatre



With hearts brimming with excitement, our Year 6 students embark on an unforgettable trip to Windsor Theatre. They eagerly immerse themselves in the magical world of pantomime, where every moment is a thrill. From the first dimming of lights to the final curtain call, they are captivated by the colourful characters and whimsical storylines. Laughter fills the air as heroes faced off against villains, and every twist and turn of the performance keeps them on the edge of their seats. Each scene unfolds like a vivid painting, leaving an everlasting imprint on their minds.



Federation Sports Day



Get ready to witness the pinnacle of athleticism as students from across The Park Federation converge for the annual Sports Day competition! Year 6 students from every school in The Park Federation gather to showcase their remarkable athletic talent and competitive spirit. With hearts pounding and adrenaline rushing, they sprint, jump, and throw their way to victory, cheered on by their classmates. Amidst a sea of colourful banners and enthusiastic cheers, every child in the year group becomes a passionate supporter, rallying behind their teams with unwavering enthusiasm.



Chessington World of Adventure



Embark on an enthralling journey with Montem Academy’s Year 6 students to Chessington World of Adventure! Amidst thrilling rides and captivating animal encounters, they’ll celebrate their achievements and bond with classmates. This trip is more than just fun ; it’s a chance to reflect on their journey at Montem Academy and recognise their hard work. As they embark on this final adventure together before moving on to new horizons, memories will be made, friendships strengthened and successes celebrated. Get ready for a day filled with laughter, joy and unforgettable moments at Chessington World of Adventure with Montem Academy!