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The Arts


Delivering Excellence  in The Arts


At Montem, every child has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts through drama, music and art.  Our pupils show a love and appreciation and learn the fundamentals in a variety of art forms.  We go above and beyond to ensure that pupils develop their artistic capabilities and engage with the arts. Our outstanding performing arts department also play a wider role in our community and nationally.   

Excellence in Action 2023-2026


Over the next three years, Montem Academy will strive to provide it's pupils with not only first class teaching in the arts but also a learning environment which will enable the pupils to develop as artists and performers. 


Action 1:To build a purpose built Performing Arts Centre to provide excellence in the teaching of performing Arts.
Action 2:To achieve excellence in the Arts Mark Award.
Action 3:To build stronger national and international partnerships to enhance our curriculum offer.

Action 4:

To ensure that all pupils learn to play a musical instruments from the age of four.