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Year 1

Windsor Castle



Year 1 visit Windsor Castle. They travel back in time to when royalty roamed the grounds protecting the castle from their enemies with bows and arrows poised through tiny slits in the impenetrable walls. Their imagination runs wild especially when using props and dressing up in Royal attire to recreate the King's Coronation and other current royal events in the castle's special classroom. Everyone in each class gets a role to play in the fantastic event! They enjoy walking through the Chapel where the royal family get married and where royals spend their eternity encased in a tomb, learning about all the departed royals is fascinating! The children see the magnificent changing of the guards from the Windsor Barracks to the castle, what a sight to see! The children also get to see Queen Victoria's elegant dolls houses and all the magnificent presents received by important dignitaries from around the world.




Black Park



Each year, the Year 1 classes venture out to Black Park Country Park for their childhood promise. Although less than 20 minutes away, it feels like you are in a different country! There is a wide range of stunning nature, for example, lush, tall and vibrant trees and small animals for the children to observe and use their senses. The children explore the woods and enjoy an exciting scavenger hunt to find lots of different things and creatures, some that they have never seen before. It is amazing watching the children find items on or off the scavenger hunt! The children have so much fun, and we are sure these memories will stay with them for a lifetime!