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Delivering Excellence in Computing


Our aspiration at Montem is for every child to harness the power of technology with confidence and creativity. Through our engaging and opportunity-filled curriculum, we aim to produce students who are not only proficient in technology but also responsible, ethical, and forward-thinking digital citizens. We are committed to preparing our students for a rapidly evolving digital world while fostering a deep appreciation for the responsible use of technology. Ultimately, we nurture a generation of tech-savvy individuals to be ready to shape the digital future with excellence, integrity, and a sense of purpose.


Excellence in Action 2023-2026


Over the next three years, Montem Academy will strive to provide it's pupils with the opportunity to learning about digital media in a first class class learning environment.  Our pupils will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of film production, editing, performing and soundtracks in a purpose built digital media centre. 


Action 1To build a purpose built Digital Media Centre to provide excellence in the teaching Digital Media
Action 2:To create an immersive classroom to enhance our children's learning and their understanding of the world. 
Action 3:To provide pupils with special education needs a digitally supported sensory room to support their sensory needs.