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Art Ambassadors

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Montem Academy Art Ambassadors

Our Art Ambassadors fulfill a range of responsibilities to help them grow their art and leadership talents. Art ambassadors are committed to helping younger children during art lessons. This is done through encouragement, guidance and correct use of resources. Art Ambassadors also engage in a variety of projects and workshops as part of their Arts Award Explore journey – a creative programme where they explore the arts world, discover their potential as artists, developing leadership skills and gaining a recognized qualification along the way. Furthermore, they represent the school at art centers of national importance e.g. Tate Modern and Buckingham Palace.

They are trained in a variety of art forms e.g. pottery, printing and painting. These skills are then used to present parent workshops, staff insets and cross-federation art projects.

Most importantly, art ambassadors are dedicated to all art forms and share a love for inspiring those around them to expand their art experiences. They share their love for art and achievements with their peers, teachers and visiting artists.

ECO Ambassadors Part 1

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The Eco Ambassadors roles and responsibilities are to inspire, motivate and challenge the children, adults and wider community of Montem to be more eco-conscious and eco-friendly. The Eco-committee works extremely hard every day to encourage every person at Montem to think about their actions and how they can change our behaviours to support the protection of our planet, whether this be ensuring that recycling happens within the classroom or that energy is saved by switching off the lights when not in use. The Eco Committee also has a role in improving and enhancing the school grounds to incorporate more eco areas that we can enjoy as a school.

Digital Ambassadors

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Montem Academy Digital Leaders are pupils who are chosen to be responsible for ensuring that all digital equipment such as laptops, headphones and associated items are put in their designated locations. Digital Leaders are taught how to use the Chromebooks, as are all pupils, but with the additional focus of troubleshooting quick fixes. They are taught how to do this in meetings that they have with the School Digital Lead, and on a day-to-day basis as problems arise. Digital Leaders are part of a Google Classroom group which contains hints, tips and frequently asked questions. Our Digital Leaders take pride in their responsibilities and see it as an honour to wear the school Digital Leader badge.

PE Ambassadors

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At Montem Academy, we allow all children in KS2 to apply to become a sports leader at the beginning of the academic year. Once children have applied 6 children will be offered the role from each class, totalling 96 children across key stage 2. Their main roles are to work alongside the PE team in supporting others during PE lessons and extra-curricular activities such as sports days and federation competitions. Throughout the year the sports leaders will display outstanding teamwork, social skills, problem solving and resilience when things become challenging.

Skills/ qualities

· Lead by example at all times with their behaviour and learning.
· Is reliable, trustworthy and safe when setting up and packing away sports equipment.
· Offers praise and encouragement to others.
· Is confident to demonstrate skills and techniques.
· Shows resilience and effort in their learning.
· Demonstrates individual & group problem solving skills.

School Council Part 1

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School Council Part 2

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Digital Ambassadors Part 2

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Head Girl Ambassador

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The children selected for the roles of Hewad Boy and Head Girl are the role models of Montem Academy, acting as peer mediators between children in lower year groups. These pupils represent the school at school wide functions including welcome days and parents' evenings, meeting with, talking to and answering questions from both adults and peers whilst sharing the school's vision. It is their responsibility to meet with school council leaders and represent the voice of the students by speaking in front of members of SLT and governors, discussing their experiences and sharing the ideas of students in a formal manner following the co-chairing of school council meetings, making sure the student's voice is represented in school decisions. They are responsible for the delegation of tasks for the Deputy Head Girl/ Boy during whole school projects/ upcoming events. Ensuring that roles and responsibilities are delegated to and that students are aware of what they need to do. When required, the Head Boy and Head Girl are involved in elements of school wide assemblies. In addition to this, it is the role of the Head Boy and Head Girl to help support ideas for the Y6 SATs reward , presenting student voice ideas to the YTL for Y6 and to help set up and support charity fundraising events within school, and to support charitable events and projects in school, working with the school ECO and GRADES leaders.

Head Boy Ambassador

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ECO Ambassadors Part 2

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