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Childhood Promise

Childhood Promise


The Park Federation believes that childhood is a very special gift that should be treated with the utmost care.  As key adults in a child's life, we need to respect this unique gift and ensure that it is as perfect as possible for each boy and girl.  We think that every child, without exception, is entitled to a set of experiences that they can deposit in a bank of childhood memories to remember and savour for a lifetime. 


Experiences like... a walk in the woods...a paddle in the sea... a picnic in the outing to the theatre... a river boat journey... a trip on a train...a sightseeing tour of London!


At Montem Academy we promises to ensure that  all children will have the opportunity to experience a Childhood Promise trip  fully funded by the school. We truly believe that these memorable experiences will ensure that our pupils can learn, explore, enjoy and appreciate the world around them. 


Childhood Promise: Year by Year


NurseryPicnic in the Park
ReceptionOdds Farm
Year 1Windsor Castle
Year 2Ruislip Lido
Year 3Beales Park
Year 4Go Ape
Year 5KidZania
Year 6Windsor Theatre