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"Developing relevant skills for the digital era"


At Montem Academy, we encourage pupils to go beyond using technology for comfort and consumerism, and stretch their capabilities to be makers and problems solvers with effective use of digital tools. 

Our Computing lessons are run by experienced staff with a proven track record of excellence in Computing. With our well-resourced school, pupils are able develop their skills and knowledge throughout the school in the following key areas: 

  • Algorithms - To understand and design sets of instructions
  • Computer systems - Learning what a computer is and how it works
  • Creating Media - Creating text, images, sound and video in various ways
  • Data and Information - Understanding what data is and how it is used in the real world
  • Design and Development - Planning and creating anything made on a computer
  • Effective use of tools - Using desktop and online software across the curriculum
  • Impact of technology - Human computer interaction
  • Networks - Understanding what a network is, sharing and using information online 
  • Programming - Creating code to allow computers to solve problems
  • Safety and Security - Being able to use resources and technology safely


In addition to lessons, there are extra curricular activities where children are exposed to additional means of boosting their Computing experience, mainly through electronic music using Ableton Live, programming and a wide range of learning through gamification.