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Year 5




To infinity and beyond! Year 5 pupils are transported on a cosmic intergalatic journey, a thrilling adventure exploring the marvels of the space. Through a 3D immersive planetarium show that ignites their curiosity and sparks a desire to explore more about space and time. From the formation of planets to the birth of stars! It is an unforgettable experience bringing the marvels of space to school! Their eyes light up as they zoom through space and time seeing and hearing the wonders of our universe.



Jubilee River



Year 5 pupils enjoy the relaxing and calming effect of nature by taking a walk down to the local river - The River Jubilee - to learn more about rivers and their features. The children have the opportunity to see what a river is really like - the current, the ebbs, the flows...., They use their knowledge to identify some of the features and put them into real life context. Then finally, pupils are able to practice their landscape art techniques by sketching the river and its surroundings. The pupils are amazed to see such a beautiful natural spot so close to their neighbourhood and spend an afternoon exploring and observing the natural world around it.



Natural History Museum



The Natural History Museum brings history to life, igniting a curiosity and spark in the pupils! The Natural History museum is a fantastic attraction showcasing over 80 million objects spanning billions of years! As part of this trip, children are able to see and experience such a variety of different exhibitions, from dinosaur bones, fossils and mammals to having a go in the earthquake simulator!