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Year 4



Aisha - Hi, my name is Aisha. I like cats and I do gymnastics as a hobby. My favourite colour is red and I enjoy learning about science and art. I want to be on the school council because I really like making people laugh. I am trustworthy and I always try my best.


Yahya - Hi! My name is Yahyah, I’m 8 years old. My favourite hobby is making comic books/ I want to be a school counsellor because I want to help people if they need help.




Michelle - Hi! My name is Michelle. My favourite subject at school is maths. I wanted to be on the school council because I want to help people and make sure everyone feels welcome. 


Umar -




Saihaan -  Hi, I’m Saihaan and I am really excited to be a part of the school council. I want to help others. The role of the school council is to be a voice for other students and teachers in the school. I can use my previous experience of eco ambassador to reduce littering and engage classmates to do recycling. My favourite sport is football!


Amna - 




Zaroon - My name is Zaroon and I am 8. My favourite subject is art. I like being school council because I like to help pick up rubbish and help teachers.


Shay - Hi, my name is Shay and I enjoy football and netball and I’m 8 years old. I want to be on the school council because I can help people and make new people feel welcome/ My favourite colours are purple, blue and yellow.