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Year 4



Estere Fominova - Hi I am Estere and I am a school council member. I like being a part of school council because I think children should have a voice and be able to speak up for themselves by being brave.I want everyone to know that I am always here to help! Always come to a school council if you have any requests for us! 


Arham Adeel - Hi I am Arham and I am a school council member and I think children should have a voice about what they want to do and how to make the school a great place to be. This year I want to work with school council to get more fun equipment for the playground. If you need help remember to  always look for a school councillor and tell them what's wrong.




Ibrahim Hussain - Hello, my name is Ibrahim and I am really proud of my achievements, for example, my handwriting and getting my school council badge. I like being school council because I like being responsible and helping other children! I think this year we should have a competition to see which class plants the most trees because it would help the environment.


Maria Urban - Hello my name is Maria and I like writing, especially writing poems. I like being in school council because I know I am doing good for the school and I enjoy helping other children. At school council this year we should talk more about how to be kind to each other so that everyone enjoys school! 




Imman Hussain - Hi, my name is Imaan and I love to sing. I wanted to be a school councillor because I like helping people and I would love to do it more!


Esa Saleem - Hi, my name is Esa and I wanted to be a school council because I want different people to have good experiences and have good mental and physical strength .I also wanted to be a school council because I want the school to be better for children and teachers to learn and develop new abilities. I also want students to feel treated kindly and make it an anti-bullying school.




Omar Amana - My name is Omar, and I like being a school councillor  because I go to meetings and change the time when we do the subjects and when we do the lessons. I can also help our school.  Our school councillors work as a team to help the school be an amazing place. 


Sabrina Nessa -  My name is Sabrina Nessa and I am proud to say that I am a school council at Montem Academy. The reason why I wanted to be a school councillor was to help Montem Academy strive for success. I like to help people be the best they can!