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Writing Basic Skills

Writing Basic Skills



Everyone to Excel through Pride and Ambition


The ability to express ideas in writing is one of the most important of all skills. Good writing is a mark of an educated person and, perhaps for that reason, it is one of the most important skills sought by employers and higher education institutions (Conley, 2003; Schmoker, 2018).


Developing our learners as writers is more than just asking them to remember tricky spellings, handwriting joins or grammatical constructs. It is a process which is intricate and complicated, but if done consistently and thoroughly, gives learners a tool which is vital for their school years, across all subjects and in life after education.


Writing makes learners’ thinking and learning visible. It provides them with the opportunity to clarify and refine their ideas for others and to themselves.


At Montem Academy, we believes providing all children with a solid foundation in writing is essential. This foundation equips students with the basic literacy skills and knowledge needed to access the national curriculum, potentially preventing struggles in later years. Establishing strong Literacy skills early can set students up for long-term success.

Writing Basic Skills