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Meet the School Councillors

Meet our amazing School Councillors

These young leaders presented their speeches to their classes and were pleased to find out that they were chosen to be the next school councillors of the academic year 2019/2020.

Each year group has eight school council members, two from each class. They have already shown great commitment and dedication to their new leadership role in the school and we are very keen to be working with them to implement their ideas across the school.

Each school council member has been congratulated personally by our Deputy Head Teacher and received a School Council badge so that all students are aware of their role.  We believe that our chosen school council members are a role model to all children and set out high expectations at all times!  We have appointed a ‘Chairman’ and ‘Secretary’ roles to two members of the school councillors to ensure that these expectations are maintained and they will work closely with the teachers to set out clear agendas.