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What We Offer

The Garden Room

For some of our children with complex needs, a nurturing, EYFS style learning environment is required to enable them to learn through play with a focus on life skills and personal development.  These children are able to access our Garden Room for part of their day depending on their individual needs.

SEND Sports Competitions

We regularly take part in SEND specific sports competitions against other mainstream Slough schools.  Our most recent events have been Boccia and Curling. These events are a great opportunity to use our social skills in context.

ELSA – Emotional Literacy

Our Child and Family Support Worker and Learning Mentor are both trained as Emotional Literacy Support Assistants and deliver 1:1 or small group sessions which focus on developing a respectful relationship in which the young person is enabled to think about their situation without feeling judged or criticised.  It is intended to be short-term purposeful support, usually to help develop new skills or coping strategies that enable the pupil to experience greater success.

Lego therapy

LEGO® Therapy is an intervention that helps children to develop their social communication skills.  This intervention employs the use of three key roles ‘Engineer’ ‘Builder’ and ‘Supplier’ to build a model together using LEGO® bricks.  This is facilitated by a trained adult, although child led, to allow the children a means of developing their social communication skills.


As part of our promise to ensure that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, we offer additional PE, Music and ICT sessions for our children with SEND.  These sessions are delivered by our specialist teachers and are tailored specifically to the children attending so that they are able to develop their skills in a small group before putting them into practice in their whole class lessons.