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Year 2

Roald Dahl Museum



Trail along this fantastic opportunity with Year 2 students at Montem Academy to the Roald Dahl Museum! See the characters come to life at The Story Centre, a room packed with creative activities, to ignite your inner author. Rummage through Roald Dahl’s satchel to see what he was up to as a child in the Boy Gallery and peek through to see the unusual object he keep to hand while writing at the Solo Gallery. As you embark on this journey, you will grow an understanding and appreciation for Roald Dahl and others who have written books that we truly love and enjoy.




Ruislip Lido



Come and join the Year 2 children at Montem Academy on this tranquil yet riveting adventure to the Ruislip Lido! Board the train and watch the astonishing views of the woodlands while travelling to the golden sandy beach. With buckets and spades to hand and splashing on the cool water under the sun, you will get to spend quality time experiencing a traditional seaside holiday. This trip recognises children’s hard work throughout the year and celebrates their achievements. They’ll be sun and fun for everyone! Be prepared to make unforgettable memories at the Ruislip Lido with Montem Academy.