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Y6 - Week 2

Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach? Because it was over 90 degrees! It's been all about angles for these Year Six children this week; over the past few days they’ve been focusing on Trigonometry- one of the most interesting areas of Maths! By the end of the week they were triangle experts having learned how to use a protractor so they can accurately draw shapes from given lengths and angles.

SAT-urday School
School…on a Saturday? Year 6 have been pulling out all the stops this week as those all-important SATs get closer and closer, including coming to school at the weekend! It wasn’t just cornflakes that were being munched and crunched on Saturday morning it was numbers, nouns and verbs too! Over 60 children joined the Year 6 team for an extra hour or two of SATs preparation- an impressive number to say the least! Whilst it’s definitely no rest for the wicked, it’s another example of how determined our Year 6s are to do themselves proud!
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