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Y1 Update - 14th June

Year 1 are enjoying singing the badger song so much after anti Bullying week, we thought they might like to sing it at home too.  It has such a clear message about using kind hands and words.  So here it is:

My Badger is a Bully

My badger is a bully, my badger is a bully
He’s pushy, pushy shovey every day
My badger is a bully, He’s nothing but a bully
I don’t like the things that he will say

All day, he was being mean, laughing acting bad
He name calls and he loves to tease, this made me so mad

One day, he came to me for help, he got pushed around
I knew exactly how he felt I helped him off the ground

My badger’s NOT a bully, no he’s NOT a bully
He’s NOT pushy anymore
My badger’s NOT a bully, he’s better than a bully
He’s really learned his lesson that’s for sure
He can be my friend once more
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