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Weekly Update - 7th June

For Anti-Bullying Day, Year 3 focused on exclusion. We looked at the different types of exclusion, what exclusion looks like and most importantly, the impact of exclusion on the victim. The theme was carried out through Drama, Literacy, Comprehension and Art. First, we did some drama activities focusing on the impact of exclusion on the victims. We acted out scenarios in which a group of friends were told not to play with someone for a particular reason and thought about what actions the friends should take to ensure that this didn’t become a bullying situation. We also interviewed the ‘victims’. This was a very thought-provoking activity and the children really began to understand the impact of exclusion. 
To carry this on into Literacy, we wrote letters from the perspective of both a bully and a victim and thought about how it would feel to be in these different positions. The children produced some outstanding letters which showed how well they understand the impact of bullying. To end the day, Year 3 did some artwork surrounding the theme of bullying. On a hand, they wrote down five things they could do to help stop bullying at Montem and decorated their hands with beautiful, colourful designs that showed how our differences make us such a great community. 
By the end of the day, all the children realised that even though we may not always be best friends, it is important to include and accept all members of the Montem family.
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