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Weekly Update - 7th February

Saatchi Museum Trip

This week, the children in Year 6 were given a real once in a lifetime experience when they visited London’s Saatchi Museum to see the world-famous Tutankhamun exhibition featuring a range of artefacts that were found by Howard Carter (the man who first discovered the tomb in the 1920s) that were made over 3500 years ago! Not only were the items the children saw some of the best examples of art and culture in the world, but it was also unbelievable to think that they were made by people whose technology was nowhere near as advanced as ours!  By the end of the trip, the children were asking if we could go on a trip to the Valley of the Kings to go and see Tutankhamun’s tomb itself and whilst the teachers all agreed it would be a brilliant idea, we did say we would have to ask Mrs Probert first!