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Weekly Update - 6th March

In maths this week year 3 have been learning all about volume.  We spent time discussing what a liquid is to ensure that everyone understood that water is just one example of a liquid, but there are many more.  Through our discussions, children were able to understand and name a variety of liquids that are used every day. Some children were even able to link our learning to science by recognising that some solids can become liquid once they are heated.


The children learnt that they can find the volume of a liquid using a special beaker and that it can be measured in litres and millilitres.  We practised reading different scales using the interactive whiteboard and everyone also had the opportunity to estimate and read the volume of different liquids using measuring equipment.  Soon the children were able to confidently begin recording the different volumes on whiteboards.  We used lots of different vocabulary while exploring volume and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the activities.