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Weekly Update - 6th March

On the 2nd of March, the school held its first #Bekind Day.  To raise awareness of this day, Montem Academy held a t-shirt competition.  Each child paid £1 which will go to a mental health charity for young people.

Lots of children made some beautiful t-shirts which had the words “Be Kind" on them.  There were prizes for the most impressive t-shirts.

The pupils learned that acts of kindness are free and that we all have the power to be kind.  They learned words and phrases to be kind and helpful to others.  They learned that it’s better to be a super-hero than a super-villain.  This has enabled Montem Academy to be a safe, welcoming and happy place to be.

The year ones look stunning in their hand-designed t-shirts!  Well done to all the children who participated and to the parents for your help with the t-shirts.  You can tell a lot of effort went into these.