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Weekly Update - 25th October

World War II Day

This week, the children took a small step back in time- well, actually more of a giant leap as it happens, all the way back to the 1940s as we celebrated the end of our topic on World War II.

From start to finish, the children were immersed in what it was like to live at the time- from ‘Dig For Victory’ posters to Churchill’s famous speeches and even a note or two of Vera Lynn!

The children took on the role of evacuees writing letters home to their parents; planned a top secret mission to rescue British troops on the beaches of Dunkirk; and they even had the chance to work with Miss Farr in the kitchen baking digestive biscuits using an authentic World War II recipe (which were actually quite tasty!)

At one point in the morning, we even had the chance to take part in an air raid practice when the siren went off- thankfully everyone remembered the training we received at the RAF Museum so everyone knew exactly what to do!