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Weekly Update - 25th October

Guy Fawkes


Year 1 had a very exciting week this week, with the fantastic fireworks display and Guy Fawkes afternoon.  The children looked lovely in their bright and sparkly outfits and many of them made Guy Fawkes hats, which looked great.  Thank you to all the families who came to the display.  The children also enjoyed making firework art and learning the poem 'Remember, Remember'.


In R Time this week the children made scarves out of newspaper and worked brilliantly in pairs to complete the activity.  They are becoming very good at communicating well with each other and discussing the tasks using each other's names and making eye contact when they are talking. 


We are very proud of the children and the way that they have settled into Year 1 this term.  They have already produced some lovely work and enjoyed our topics of 'Guy Fawkes' and learning about 'The Senses' in science.


Next term we will be learning about 'Our Local Area' in topic and 'Materials' in science.  We look forward to seeing you after the half term.