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Weekly Update - 24th January

This term, year 3 has delved into a book called ‘The Journal of Iliona, a Young Slave’.  They have considered how the main character feels, being a slave in the Roman period and being separated from her younger brother, Apollo.  In our Big Read lesson we discussed the quote “My master saw my long face.”.  The children acted-out having a long face to show the emotions of sadness and disappointment.

The children also found it interesting that Iliona’s price as a slave would have been higher than her brother’s, because she could speak fluent Latin.

This week we have been writing a diary entry to describe the devastating events that happened to Iliona when she first became a slave.  The children have worked extremely hard, including the following literacy skills in their diary entries: expanded noun phrases to add description, adverbs to show how something has happened and an exclamation mark for an element of surprise.

We can’t wait to read our little writers’ published versions!