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Weekly Update - 22nd November

Just before half term the Year 1 children enjoyed a road safety workshop, where they were taught four important steps to take before crossing the road:

1. Stop

2. Look

3. Listen

4. Think

The children enjoyed this workshop immensely and I hope are continuing to use these steps when crossing to roads outside school.

During this week the children have been learning more about the area in which they live.  They have been discussing physical and human features including houses, rivers, shops and parks.  They have also been developing skills to draw their own maps.

In maths the children have been using positional language such as 1st, 2nd 3rd and also before and after.

Your children should have received end of unit revision packs to show you exactly what they have been learning in school, please reinforce this at home, for example, when you are queuing in a shop.

Reading is still a top priority and some children are making some fantastic progress with this.  In order to support them at home you can use fun websites such as