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Weekly Update - 20th March

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In Reception, our focus book for the week was The Crunching Munching Caterpillar by Sheridan Cain.

The children enjoyed sharing the story of how a caterpillar wanted to fly just like its friends, bumblebee, sparrow and butterfly.  Finally one day the caterpillar’s dream came true when he turned into a butterfly after having a very long sleep.  The story offered a variety of learning opportunities for the children as they engaged with the curriculum activities on offer throughout the week.  For example they sequenced the life cycle of a butterfly in a fun way using retelling, picture sequencing, stick puppets and role play masks.

In maths the children made 10 in a variety of practical ways.  They used egg cartons and pompoms, Numicon, counters and different number pairs on butterflies.  They went on to record their findings as number sentences on small whiteboards.