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Weekly Update - 20th December

Our New Feathered Friend

This week, the children in Year 6 were treated to a special visit from an unlikely guest in the form of Miss Hussain’s pet parrot!  Since November, in Big Reading the children have been reading ‘The Boy Who Biked The World Part 2: Riding The Americas’ and the main character (a boy called Tom) experienced a range of weird and wonderful wildlife- including parrots!  Miss Hussain introduced him to each class who were all captivated by him and had many interesting questions to ask- the main one being, “Does he talk?”.  Whilst he did say a few words here and there, on the whole he was bit more reserved than normal; according to Miss Hussain he never stops at home!  Even though it was a short visit, the children absolutely loved encountering wildlife that Tom himself came across in the book and no doubt they will want him to come again soon!