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Weekly Update - 18th October

Year 1 have had a really fun week.  They loved 'Wellbeing Day'.  They were able to take part in a yoga class which they really enjoyed. They learnt about healthy eating and the problems of too much screen time and learnt that playing games with each other is often more fun.


With Miss Oxley Year 1 did some singing and learnt some new songs, with Miss Boros they decorated feathers which will be turned into a fantastic display and with Mrs Barton they learnt all about keeping clean and healthy. 


We are very much looking forward to 'History Day' where the children will come dressed up in bright clothes and we will celebrate the end of our topic of 'Guy Fawkes.'  We are also very excited for the fireworks display. 


Year 1 have continued to work hard in all their lessons, consolidating understanding of addition as well as finishing off their science topic of 'The Senses'.  We have been doing a lot of reading with the children and appreciate all of the adult support at home with improving your children's reading.