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Weekly Update - 14th February

The year 3 children had a brilliant start to the week dressed as Romans.  We were very impressed with the fantastic effort the children had made to make their outfits. The fun-packed day started with the children creating their own Roman shields.  They did this by making their design on cardboard and using coloured paints of that you would see in a real Roman soldiers shield.  We discussed when and how they would use these shields, especially when Queen Boudicca would come to attack them!  We got a true feeling of how life would have been like for a soldier in the Roman army.  We also replicated Roman art by making our very own mosaics. Using their mosaic tiles, children then created colourful prints.  Did you know that the floors of the Roman homes were made of tiles because these are cool on the feet and it is hot in Rome in the summer?

Also this week, the children have been engaging in active partner talk in which the children stand during their class discussions.  This has built on active responses and has encouraged our children to take responsibility for their movement in school.  Our active movement ambassadors have been very eager to make sure that we are all moving around and sitting for as little as possible.  We are all very excited to hear about our children completing the Buddy Homework supplied by Active Movement over the half term holiday.