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Weekly Update - 14th February

At the end of last week and the beginning of this week, Year 1 has had a focus on how to be safe both within school and when using computers.  The children learnt about how the school keeps them safe and what they must do if they are feeling unhappy.  The key messages were to always tell an adult if you are feeling worried, unsafe or unhappy.  We also talked about who we can speak to if we are worried and how to keep ourselves safe when we are in school.  The children talked about closing gates and doors behind them as well as being good friends to one another. 


On Tuesday we had an e-safety afternoon where we discussed how to stay safe on the internet and the children made lovely posters with speech bubbles of advice that Smartie the penguin gave them.  Key to this session was ensuring that they tell an adult if they are unsure about anything that they see when using a device on the internet, rather than solve the problem themselves.  We also talked about only using apps and games that parents have looked at first.  It is vital that we keep ourselves safe when using the internet and do not give out personal information.