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Weekly Update - 13th December

On Tuesday afternoon a group of Year 5 children were invited to Slough and Eton school to watch a special performance of Annie Junior performed by students from Slough and Eton.


The children were given front row seats to an amazing performance which included an extra special student (more about that later).  The children were in awe of the talented performers before them with the amazing singing and dancing. And many of the children were talking about feeling inspired to give acting a try when they get to their secondary schools.


Upon returning to school, the group were asked what they enjoyed about the performance. Here are some of their responses.


"My favourite part of "Annie Junior" was when Mr Willburt asked Annie if he could adopt her."  


"My best bit was when they had a dog and when two people faked that they were Annie's parents"


"My favourite part was when the dog appeared.  The dog was very well behaved." 


"My favourite part was the dog ee though all of it was amazing, the orphanage owner had a cruel character, I didn't like. I also enjoyed the comedy that was included. Overall I enjoyed the play and I hope I get to go next time." 


"My favourite part was when the dog came on stage. I would love to go again. it was exactly how the movie is, but better."


As you can probably tell from the children's responses, The star 'Student' in the production was a very well behaved Labrador dog who came onto the stage and performed some tricks for orphan Annie during the performance.  Many of the children were talking about how we should have a school dog, however, their powers of persuasion have not been successful.


We are really pleased to have been invited to watch the performance at Slough and Eton and that the children really enjoyed the performance.