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Weekly Update - 11th March

On Monday the 11th of March it was science day. The children were able to complete experiments about staying hygienic, how germs spread, how pollution affects the water and world around us and how static electricity works. They loved that they could all get involved in the experiments and learnt a great deal from all the experiments. The first experiment was, by far, the most exciting. The children covered their hands in different coloured glitter and then had to shake hands with other children in the class and touch objects around the classroom. They could clearly see how the germs are able to spread between different people and places. They then looked at how to clean those germs off our hands. We experimented with using dry paper towels, cold water and warm soapy water and the children could clearly see which was the most effective! Later that day, the classes completed a sneezing experiment where we tested how we can prevent the spread of germs after sneezing, the children then created warning posters giving advice about what to do when sneezing.
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