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The Montem Vision

The Montem Vision outlines the culture, vision and values that we expect every member of our academy community to aspire to and uphold at all times – children, staff and families. Everything we do will be in the spirit of The Montem Vision – learning, attitudes and behaviour. By following the high expectations defined by The Montem Vision, everyone will have the best possible opportunity to achieve their best and develop their talents and skills.

What is The Montem Vision?

Our vision:


  • Everybody is welcomed, respected and valued
  • We will help every child to achieve high standards in their learning in order to reach their full potential
  • We celebrate achievement and recognise success
  • We have high expectations of all
  • We have teaching and learning at the heart of all we do
  • We foster a thirst of learning and working together
  • We celebrate and embrace diversity
  • Our children will be safe, happy and successful


Outcomes for our children

Montem Children are:


  • Confident and highly motivated and are fully involved in school life
  • Well behaved and tolerant; they care and support each other
  • Independent thinkers, open minded, show initiative and have a love of learning
  • Proud of their achievements and celebrate the success of others
  • Valuable contributors to the wider community


Our Attitudes and Behaviour

The school has the following three rules which the pupils and staff are expected to follow at all times and in all circumstances. 


  • These rules are taught, modelled and valued by all school staff.
  • These rules are prominently displayed around the school and in the classrooms.
  • Through the use of our agreed system we will achieve consistency; every member of our community has a clear understanding of the high expectations we have for attitudes and behaviour.
  • The school also celebrates a Value of the Term which focuses on British Values.





At Montem Academy, we set very high standards for all members of our school (staff, governors, pupils and parents.  As a result of our high standards we have created  FOUR GOLDEN EXPECTATIONS which are:

1. No EXCUSES– Everyone must try their very best.  If we fail first time, then we try again; we never give up and we never say never.

2. EVERY SECOND COUNTS– everyone must make the most of every learning opportunity.

3. EVERYONE IS ACCOUNTABLE– The success of every pupil is the responsibility of every member of the school community.

4. EVERYONE TO EXCEL– We encourage pupils and staff to be the very best that they can be. 



At Montem Academy, we aim to provide all provides with an exciting, challenging and relevant curriculum.  We strive to provide all pupils with a range of learning experiences, including Curriculum Weeks, trips, visitors and extra- curricular activities and events.  The curriculum is reviewed regularly to ensure that the content is broad and balanced and provides opportunities for SMSC and British Values to be explored.
How will the Montem Vision be celebrated?


  1. Good News Post Cards (Awarded to one pupil in each year group, in recognition for upholding the Montem Vision.  Parents/Carers will receive a Good News Postcard through the post)
  2. Principal Award (Awarded to pupils in recognition of their achievements and success)
  3. Attendance awards (Awarded weekly to the class with the highest attendance and termly to pupils who have 100% attendance)
  4. Building Learning Power Gems (Awarded for demonstrating positive learning powers)
  5. House Points (Awarded to pupils for following the school rules and contributing the school life)
  6. Reading, Writing and Maths Badges (Awarded to pupils who are role models in these subject areas)
  7. Reading Success Certificates and end of year rewards
  8. Weekly Attendance Award  (Awarded weekly to the class with the highest attendance and termly to pupils who have 100% attendance)
  9. End of Year Celebration including Year 6 Graduation and whole school Prize Giving.
  10. Celebration events and assemblies.


At Montem Academy we encourage all pupils to take an active role in school and community life.  We believe that their contributions are vital in shaping the effectiveness of the academy and for developing good citizens in the future. Opportunities for pupils to lead include:


  1. School Council
  2. Pupil Force
  3. Reading Buddies
  4. House Captains
  5. Head Boy and Head Girl
  6. Eco School leaders
  7. Lunchtime Play Buddies
  8. Sport Ambassadors