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At Montem Acadamy we value sports and what it can bring to our young people, from social skills and lifelong values. We can use sports as a vehicle to mould each child into a healthy, independent and positive person. 

Our PE lessons is where each child will start their learning journey into sports so we want this to be a positive experience for all and this is what we strive for every day. We do this by having layered activities for children to choose from so they can decide which challenge they are ready for and a clear progression to achieve the lessons overall objective. 

We also focus lessons on our fundamental movement skills which are agility, balance and coordination and we believe this underpins every sport we play. 
  • Agility - ability to move quickly and easily.
  • Balance - an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
  • Coordination - that you have control over the movements of your body.

As well as all that we offer during lessons we also deliver a variety of sporting clubs in both the morning, after school and school holidays. In these clubs we cover the following sports – Football, netball, basketball, hockey, athletics, badminton, tennis, cricket, gifted and talented, holiday clubs and many more.

Montem Academy are very proud to co-organise a number of sporting leagues for Slough schools where schools can enter teams, play competitive matches and offer children positive experiences in sport. We offer a year 5 & 6 netball league between October and February, a KS1/2 boccia & new age kurling league between December and January and a year 3 & 4 and year 5 & 6 tennis league between April and June.

Please see below our School Sports Overview for years 1-6 with information for what is being taught in each lesson throughout the year.