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Reception - Trip to Black Park

Reception children were extremely excited to be going on our first trip to experience the sights and sounds of Autumn. We decided to make great use of the school mini-bus and were therefore able to take smaller groups over the course of a week. All children had come well prepared for any inclement weather and apart from one morning, the weather was kind to us.
The children were in good voice for singing on the way and they chatted lots about what they could see and asked and answered lots of great questions.

As we arrived, we were greeted by the swans and ducks who we fed later and on one trip we were also greeted by a gaggle of geese who decided to make quite a noise as they followed us! 
The children really enjoyed going down into a dell and collecting many leaves, acorns, conkers and horse chestnuts before venturing into one of the dens that had been constructed by some other visitors and left to explore. We also had time to visit the Adventure Play Area, where the children let off some steam and took turns to enjoy the exciting area. On one of our trips, the local model boat club were even sailing their various boats, which added to the whole experience. Some children were exhausted by the end of their visit, as were all the staff!

The children then wrote about their trip and shared the photos to talk about their day.
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Picture 2
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