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Parents' and Children's Comments

We love to get feedback from our parents/carers, since it helps us to understand how best we can support them and their children with Home Learning.  Please see below some recent feedback received recently:

Thank you for your lovely message. We are very grateful to all the teachers for their hard work. As we both are key workers, Aaliya has been going to school and we can see the hard work of her teachers managing both school going as well as children from home. All the effort from Miss Sargent and team is hugely appreciated. Thanks once again Mrs Probert.

Reception Parent



Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts with Musa this half-term. He's had a great time, He's loved the story week and Chinese New Year this week, tasting noodles and making dragons and dancing! Such great fun. He's lucky to get such enriching experiences at Montem. Thank you again for everything that you do it's very much appreciated always x

Nursery Parent



I thank you and the teachers also for all your support in the home learning. As this is very new to me and it's been hard but with the teachers support we have managed to overcome any struggles. Receiving certificates for my son in reception was such a great feeling of achievement.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts and support to all the families during this tough time.

Parent 2 Cedar



Dear Ms Probert,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging message.

Ms Barry and her team have been awesome and patiently supported Emily in firming up her confidence since her start in September.

We also truly and deeply appreciate all the hard work by your team under your guidance and leadership and sincerely thank you. All the staff members have been remarkable and amazing and we wish you all the best.

Emily promises to try and work harder and make her teachers proud.

Kind regards

Emilys' mum and dad.



I would just like to take the opportunity to thank ALL MY CHILDREN'S teachers, they have been fantastic, very very supportive towards my children individually replying back within minutes. The Videos are excellent, clear to the point and each child understands what task they are required to do.

Ms Sugden Yr 3 has been great with my eldest always praising and encouraging with outstanding video lessons.

Mrs Prifti and Miss Samuel fantastic support always encouraging Isma clear, concise videos always relating to home learning packs.

Miss Sargent, absolutely phenomenal great videos such kind words so encouraging.

All nursery staff Ms Patrick, Mrs Moore and Miss Dixon absolutely amazing, very welcoming at nursery and still putting out amazing remote learning videos, superwomen I'd say.

And finally a big Thank you for being supportive to all families as well as staff and striving to support a community in a very uncertain time.

SO THANK YOU and all staff who continue to work behind the scenes.






Stay safe.

Mr and Mrs Butt


Thank you Miss Steenkamp. This is Zainabs mum and I'm very happy to receive this feedback. Your message has given her motivation to work harder.

Thanks again.




Dear Miss Steenkamp, 

Thank you a lot for guiding our daughter Aaishi through her distance learning. You have been always honest, timely and very much efficient in assessing her assignments and her progress so far. We appreciate that not only you encourage Aaishi but also your concern towards her weaknesses.

Please let us know further about what and how we as parents can help her progress through her study.

Best regards, 

Reeta Bhandari/Bibek Adhikari

(Parents of Aaishi)


Dear Miss Steenkamp,

Thank you for your encouraging and supportive comments for Ayaan. He is working really hard and trying to do his best.

He just gets on with it, managing himself to complete and upload tasks. We check in on him throughout the day to ensure he is okay and getting his work done and explaining where needed.

He has now started reading books on this week which he did not last week.

Thank you for everything you are doing.

Mrs Mirza


Good Afternoon Miss Steenkamp,

Thank you so much for your lovely messages and detailed feedback about the submitted work. The lessons are of excellent quality, and the relevant activities are easy for Anaya to follow. I am extremely happy with her learning and how she is able to follow all your instructions with ease. We also love your Friday videos, they are a huge success with all the family.

Thank you for all your support. We really appreciate all your hard work.

Kind Regards

Anaya's Mum


Dear Mrs Mann

Thank you for everything you and Miss Steenkamp are doing in such difficult circumstances.  Please pass on our appreciation to her as well.

A Year 5 Parent


Dear Mr Ruane,

I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work.  My son is doing so well and the base that you have provided him at this early age will benefit him throughout his life.  I am so please with the quantity and quality.  I wish he could have stayed with Montem for longer.  Home Schooling has made it possible for us to see what the children do at school and see for ourselves how hard you are all working, and to be able to appreciate your efforts more.

A Year 6 Parent


Dear Mr Ruane,

Thank you for your detailed explanation over the phone.  It really helps.  I would also like to mention here that your lessons are so well planned that my son knows exactly what to do.  I'm so pleased that I don't have to explain anything to him and he's independently following the videos and PowerPoints.  The worksheets are so good that he is able to understand each and every minute detail of the topic.

A Year 6 Parent


Dear Ms Sugdon,

We (mum and sister) would like to thank you for the effort you have put all 

these days as I can understand that it’s very hard teaching kids and 

making them understand . 

A Year 3 Parent


Dear Miss Steenkamp, 

We just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support you have given my son this term.  We are extremely grateful and appreciative especially with the extra difficulties teachers have to face this term and will continue to face.

 A Year 5 parent.


Dear Ms Barry,

Thank you for uploading the videos. It is really helping my son's development. Very grateful to all the teachers for their efforts.  

An EYFS parent.