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Staying Safe
Personal Development

Staying Safe

At Montem Academy the safety of all of our pupils is paramount. We aim to ensure that all of our children     are able to recognise the dangers that surround them, including the inappropriate use of mobile technology and social media. Montem has a comprehensive programme of event days, workshops and   assemblies, which aim to teach our children how to keep safe at all times.




Whole School


  • Year 6: Cyber Bullying: Social Media
  • Year 5: Stop and Tell an Adult
  • Year 4: Racism in Sport
  • Year 3: Exclusion
  • Year 2: Respecting others thoughts and ideas
  • Year 1: Kind hands and words
  • Reception: How to be a good friend

Year 6

Drug Awareness

In this session our senior pupils will learn about legal substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and   solvents, exploring the effects on the body, why some young people and adults might choose to drink or smoke and develop the skills to make healthy choices. The pupils will begin to learn about drugs that are illegal, and practice basic techniques for resisting pressure.

Year 6

Knife and Gang Awareness

In this session the senior pupils will gain an understanding of negative implications of knife possession, knowledge of the legal and emotional results from carrying a knife and the implications     for both the victim and the offender involved in the knife crime.

Year 6

First Aid Training

In Year 6 we provide our pupils with the opportunity to learn basic first aid, along with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Basic Life Support and the use of an automated External defibrillator.

Year 5 and 6

Choices Programme- Peer Pressure, Gangs, Bullying

The Choices Programme is a scheme of work delivered on line, with sessions that build week on week. The sessions are designed to provoke challenging conversations which require the pupils to make difficult decisions about a range of challenging situations.

Years 5 & 6


This week long cycle training programme is designed to ensure that our pupils are safe on the

roads. The pupils will learn to control and master their bike in a space away from traffic before applying their proficiency skills on the road.

Year 4

Water Safety

In conjunction with the pupils swimming lessons, pupils are taught the dangers of water and how to behave safely around and in the water.

Year 3

Keeping Safe within the Community

In this session, the pupils are taught how to stay safe whilst out in the community. The pupils will be taught not to speak to strangers, who to ask for help if they are lost, and the need to learn their address and phone number by heart.

Year 2

Fire Safety-The Fire Safety Education Programme

During this session the pupils are visited by the local fire brigade. The children will learn  about potential fire risks in the home including electrical hazards. They will learn the importance a smoke alarm has in the home.

Year 1

Home Safety - Explore medicines and household products

EYFS and KS1

 Stranger Danger- NSPCC


Road Safety Workshop


Road Safety- Beep Beep Day

This event is aimed at our youngest pupils and their parents The aim of the event is to engage children with the road safety basics through fun activities, while raising awareness among parents and the wider community about protecting children on roads.