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Staying Healthy
Personal Development

Staying Healthy

At Montem Academy we believe that the health and well-being of our pupils is paramount if they are to learn well and grow into healthy and active citizens. We promote the physical and mental well-being of our pupils through a range of activities which supplement our curriculum, ensuring that we go beyond the expected and provide our pupils with a rich set of experiences.


Health and Well being

Whole School

Cookery Lessons:

Year 6: Humus - Egyptians

Year 5: Tortilla wraps – The Aztecs

Year 4: Fruit Salad - Nim’s Island

Year 3: Roman Flat Bread - The Romans

Year 2: Cooking Bread/Scones – Great Fire of London

Year 1: Sandwiches - Queen’s Tea

Reception: Gingerbread decorations - Gingerbread Man

Whole School

Active Movement

At Montem we encourage all of our pupils to be fit and healthy. To ensure that pupils are active throughout the day, pupils are required to stand to answer questions in lessons, to stand when   answering the register, and some pupils even stand to do their writing.

Whole School


In order to encourage our pupils to be active throughout the school day, pupils take part in our Pedometer Challenge. A pupil from each class wears the pedometer throughout the day and records the number of steps they take. The steps are then totalled and the class with the highest step count is rewarded with a physical activity.

Whole School

Meditation Session

Every day begins with a meditation session to ensure that our pupils start the day feeling relaxed and with reduced levels of stress and anxiety. The sessions will provide our pupils with the skills to help them fend off negative thoughts and behaviours, whilst building self-confidence.

Whole School

Daily Mile

Pupils from across the school take part in a 15 minute daily mile challenge. The aim is to provide our pupils with a social physical activity outside to increase fitness and achieve a healthy weight. The daily mile also encourages the pupils to be aware of their own fitness and health.

Whole School

Well Being Day

Pupils across the school participate in well-being events that promote a healthy mind and body. Pupils participate in yoga classes, mindfulness art, still life drawing, walks and exploration, meditation and healthy eating and cooking lessons. We encourage staff to use resources that are not ICT based.

Year 6

Dig For Victory- Green Fingered Entrepreneurs.

In Year 6, the pupils study WWII as part of their literacy and History studies. In the Autumn term the pupils will grow their own vegetables and sell these to parents from their very own market stall.

Year 5 & 6

Personal Hygiene

For our senior pupils we provide sessions on the importance of personal hygiene and why it is important that we take care of our bodies as we grow older and our body changes.

Year 5

Growing up – Puberty

For our Year 5 pupils, we provide sessions which provide the pupils with information on how and why our bodies change and to ensure that they have the knowledge and understanding to manage these changes. These sessions are taught in single sex classes to ensure that the pupils feel comfortable.

Year 5 & 6

Healthy Mind- Mindfulness and Wellbeing

During this six week programme, our pupils will take part in activities which are designed to help  them deal with and reduce stress and anxiety, increase relaxation and calmness, boost confidence and motivation, and to develop positive relationships

Year 4

Fitness Bug

In these sessions our pupils will learn the importance of making healthy choices in diet and fitness.

Year 3

Humbug- Growth Mindset

In this session the pupils learn about the positive impact having the right mind-set has on the ability to achieve greatness. The pupils will explore strategies that can help them become smarter and enable them to achieve more whilst approaching challenges positively and embracing opportunities to grow.

Year 1 & 2

Grow your own vegetables

Year 1 and 2 will develop green fingers as they grow and eat their own vegetables throughout the year.

Year 2

Tummy Bug and Flu Bug

In this session we teach our young pupils the importance of hand hygiene and the prevention of spreading germs.

Year 1


In this session, we teach our pupils about the importance of oral care and how to brush their teeth  properly


Dentist Visit

In this session, we provide our youngest pupils and parents with the opportunity to meet a dentist and to learn how to look after our teeth.