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Delivering Excellence in PE

Our mission is to provide outstanding physical education programs that inspire and empower individuals to live healthy, active lives. We aim to achieve this through research, innovation and collaboration with experts in the field, as well as incorporating technology and training methods. Our goal is to create a culture of wellness and promote lifelong learning within our community, ultimately fostering a healthier and happier society.

Excellence in Action 2023-2026

Over the next three years, Montem Academy will strive to provide it's pupils with not only first class teaching  in Physical Education, but also opportunities to explore sports beyond the national curriculum and the school. 

Action 1: To  provide all pupils with opportunities to develop a love of sports beyond the national curriculum through our enhanced PE curriculum.
Action 2:

To provide swimming lessons for all pupils in key stage 2 every year.

Action 3:

To use sports to increase engagement with the local community.