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Ofsted's Final Report Cover Letter
Key Information

Ofsted's Final Report Cover Letter

Ofsted's Final Inspection Report Letter

Dear Ann Probert

Final inspection report

Montem Academy,

Following your recent inspection, we are pleased to share with you the final version of your inspection report. We will usually publish the report eight working days from the date of this letter on the Ofsted reports website.

If you experience any difficulties accessing the report on the Ofsted website, please contact us – the inspection support administrator listed below is your best point of contact.

If you are dissatisfied with your inspection report or the inspection process, you may submit a formal complaint using the form on the Ofsted website. You should submit any complaint by the end of the fifth working day from the date of this letter.

Post-inspection survey

We invite you to complete our short post-inspection survey on the provider portal with your views on the inspection process. This includes your views on the impact the inspection is likely to have in bringing about improvement to your provision. By responding to this survey, you will help Ofsted improve the inspection process.

Yours sincerely

Scott Reece HMI
Lead Inspector