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Educational Websites

Educational Websites

Educational Support


Welcome to Montem Academy's online hub for parents! Here, you'll find a wide selection of websites to support your child's learning journey. From educational tools to fun games, these resources are designed to empower you as partners in your child's education. Explore, engage, and enhance your involvement in your child's academic success with these valuable online resources.

Websites to help with Reading, Maths and SPaG:

These websites have activities and games to support your child’s learning in Maths, SPaG and Reading.


This quiz serves as a valuable tool for students to practice their reading comprehension abilities in an interactive and engaging format. The quiz is structured to include passages or excerpts from various literary texts, followed by a series of questions designed to assess the student's understanding of the material.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize offers interactive educational resources covering various subjects, including English (reading and writing), Maths and Reading. Parents can find a wealth of reading comprehension exercises, grammar guides, maths explanations and exercises and writing prompts tailored to different age groups. The site also features educational videos and games to engage children in learning.

CGP online 10 minute tests:

Prepare your child for KS2 SATs with CGP's online 10-minute tests. These bite-sized assessments cover key topics in Maths, English, and Science, perfect for quick revision sessions. With instant feedback and progress tracking, parents can monitor their child's performance and target areas for improvement. Boost confidence and readiness for SATs with these convenient practice tests.

ICT Games for Maths and Literacy:

ICT Games offers a section dedicated to literacy games designed for primary school children. Parents can access a range of free interactive games covering spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills. The games are user-friendly and aligned with the curriculum, providing children with opportunities to practice and reinforce their English language skills in an engaging way.

Websites to help with Maths:

These websites provide a range of free resources and activities to support primary school children's maths learning at home. From interactive games and puzzles to printable worksheets and problem-solving challenges, parents can find engaging ways to reinforce mathematical concepts and skills covered in the curriculum.

Times Tables

Times Tables Rock Stars is an engaging and interactive online platform designed to help primary school students master their times tables in a fun and motivating way. By answering multiplication questions correctly, they earn virtual currency and advance in rank, gaining recognition as they progress.

Other helpful Times Tables sites:

White Rose Maths

White Rose Education offers free downloadable ten-minute tests to help your child excel in maths. These tests cover key topics aligned with the curriculum, providing quick practice sessions ideal for busy schedules. With focused exercises designed to build confidence and fluency, your child can sharpen their maths skills in just minutes a day.

Maths Zone:

Maths Zone features a wide range of free interactive maths games and activities suitable for primary school children. Parents can explore games categorized by topic or age group to support their child's learning in a fun and engaging way.


NRICH provides free mathematics resources developed by the University of Cambridge. Parents can find a wealth of problem-solving activities, games, and challenges designed to develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills in primary school children.


Topmarks offers a collection of free maths games, puzzles, and activities designed for primary school students. Parents can find resources categorized by age and topic, covering areas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

IXL Maths:

IXL Maths provides interactive practice questions aligned with the national curriculum for primary school maths. Parents can access a limited number of free questions each day per account, covering a wide range of topics and skills, with detailed explanations provided. To use the website for free, you are limited to a certain number of questions, but it's definitely worth looking at every now and then.

Websites to help with Reading:

These websites provide valuable resources and support for parents to help their child with reading, covering various aspects of literacy development from phonics to comprehension.

Reading Eggshttps: //

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

Storyline Online:

This website has hundreds of videos of famous actors and actresses reading their favourite stories. They are great for all family members to listen to.

Oxford Owl for home:

Oxford Owl offers a wide range of resources to support reading, including eBooks, phonics guides, and activities. Parents can access free eBooks that are aligned with the Oxford Reading Tree, one of the most popular reading schemes used in UK schools. The site also provides helpful tips and advice for parents on how to support their child's reading development.


PhonicsPlay is a popular website for phonics-based learning, which is essential for early reading development. While some features of the site require a subscription, there are also free resources available. Parents can access interactive phonics games, printable phonics resources, and guidance on teaching phonics effectively. The site covers phonics phases commonly used in UK schools, making it a valuable resource for parents supporting their child's phonics learning journey. Remember to click on ‘Free Resources’.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning educational game that helps children learn to read in a fun and interactive way. While the app version requires a purchase, the website offers a free web version. Parents can guide their child through a series of phonics-based activities and games designed to improve reading fluency and comprehension. The game adapts to each child's learning pace, making it suitable for children at different reading levels.

Websites to help with SPaG:

These websites provide valuable resources and tools for parents to support their children's spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills development in an engaging and accessible manner.


Topmarks features a collection of free English games suitable for primary school children in England. Parents can explore a variety of interactive games covering spelling, punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary. The games are engaging and educational, providing children with opportunities to practice essential English skills while having fun.

Primary Homework Help

Primary Homework Help offers free resources and activities to support primary school children's English learning. Parents can find information on spelling rules, punctuation marks, and grammar concepts, as well as interactive quizzes and worksheets. The site provides clear explanations and examples to help children understand and apply English language rules effectively.

Oxford Owl -Primary Grammar:

The Oxford Owl website offers a comprehensive selection of educational resources to support children's learning in various subjects, including English grammar. The Primary Grammar section specifically caters to children in Years 1-6 in the UK, providing a range of materials to help them develop their grammar skills. Make sure you click the table for the year group you are in.

Websites to help with History and Geography:

These websites offer valuable resources for parents to engage their children in learning about the world around them, whether it's through exploring nature, understanding geography, or discovering new cultures and historical events.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is an educational website that offers a wealth of resources to spark children's curiosity about the world. Parents can explore a wide range of articles, videos, games, and activities covering topics such as animals, nature, science, geography, and culture. The site provides engaging and age-appropriate content that encourages children to learn about the natural world and discover new interests. With its interactive features and visually appealing design, National Geographic Kids fosters a sense of wonder and exploration in children while promoting learning in a fun and informative way.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a powerful tool that allows users to explore the world through satellite imagery, aerial photography, and 3D terrain. Parents can use Google Earth with their children to virtually visit destinations around the globe, including famous landmarks, natural wonders, and historical sites. By zooming in on specific locations, children can learn about geography, topography, and cultural diversity. Additionally, Google Earth offers educational features such as Voyager, which provides guided tours and interactive stories about different regions and topics, making it an immersive and educational resource for parents to explore with their children.

BBC Teach - Primary Geography

BBC Teach offers a dedicated section for Primary Geography, providing a range of resources to support children's learning about the world around them. Parents can access videos, lesson plans, and interactive activities covering geographical topics such as maps, continents, countries, climate, and ecosystems. The resources are designed to align with the UK national curriculum and cater to different age groups and learning levels. By using BBC Teach's Primary Geography resources, parents can enhance their child's understanding of geography and inspire a sense of curiosity and exploration about the world.


Ducksters is an educational website that offers a wide range of resources covering various subjects, including history, science, geography, and biographies. Parents can find articles, quizzes, games, and videos tailored to children's interests and educational needs. The site provides clear and concise information presented in a child-friendly manner, making complex topics accessible and engaging for young learners. With its interactive features and diverse content, Ducksters offers parents a valuable resource to supplement their child's learning and foster a love for exploration and discovery.