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British Values
Personal Development

British Values

Montem is a large diverse community which serve families from all over the world. Through our personal development programmes we aim to promote British Values and teach our pupils how to respect each other, to understand that differences are positive and that our unique differences make us who we are. Through our inclusive environment, formal lessons, workshops and assemblies, we strive to make our pupils responsible, respectful citizens who thrive together and celebrate diversity.


Whole School

Democracy in Action

At Montem Academy, we encourage pupils to play an active role in developing an understanding of democracy in action. Pupils participate in weekly Votes for Schools activities. Votes for Schools is an award-winning platform that gives our pupils a voice on the issues that affect them the most, whilst embedding SMSC, British Values and Prevent across the school.


Christmas Choir

Our Key Stage 2 Choir will be provided with the opportunity to sing at a number of events including singing at Windsor Castle and a Local Home for the Elderly. We aim to provide our pupils with experiences which develops them into citizens that give back to the community and opportunities for pupils to develop their talents and interests.


Place of Worship Visits: Year 6: Mosque

Year 5: Synagogue

Year 4: Gurdwara

Year 3: Church

Year 2: Mandir

At Montem, we believe it is vital that pupils gain an understanding and an appreciation of the faiths found within our community. Through our programme of visiting Religious Buildings, our pupils not only gain an understanding of the faith, but an appreciation for the beautiful architecture of these buildings and the symbols and artefacts found within these different settings.

We believe that all pupils should show mutual respect and tolerance to those with different faiths and beliefs and celebrate the difference within and outside of our school community.

Year 5 & 6

Real Leaders

At Montem Academy, we believe it is essential that pupils develop the skills required to become leaders of the future. The Real Leaders programme is designed to encourage our children to become leaders by teaching the appropriate skills and qualities needed to lead. The programme is designed to challenge our pupils and develop the following leadership fundamentals; social , personal, creative and cognitive skills

Year 5 & 6

Reading Ambassadors

At Montem Academy, we believe that every seconds counts. Our Year 5 and & 6 Reading Ambassadors provide additional opportunities for our younger pupils to read to someone.

The Reading Ambassadors, visit year 2 and 3 once a week to support them with their Accelerated Reading and Star Reader Quizzes, ensuring that the pupils are reading the correct level book.

School Council

House of Parliament Visit

The teaching of British Values is interwoven throughout our curriculum and the extra-curricular activities we provide. Our School Council visit the Houses of Parliament to gain a greater understanding of how democracy works in the UK and the important role democracy plays in British Society.

Year 6

Meet the MP

Providing our pupils with opportunities to engage in discussion is a vital life skill especially when discussing matters that concern them. During this session the pupils of Year 6 will have the opportunity to meet with the local MP and to discuss matters that concern them and their local community.

Year 6

Remembrance Sunday Tea Party

To ensure that our pupils become active and valued members of society, Montem Academy holds an annual Tea Party for the local community. Pupils will serve our elderly citizens and provide them with entertainment.

We also aim to teach our pupils of the positive contribution our senior citizens have made to the country and to the local community.

Year 5 & 6

Roma Reading in the Community

To promote the Roma community within our local community and to build strong relationships, our  Roma pupils from Years 5 and 6 will regularly visit a local residential home for the elderly and read to the residents. This will foster positive relationships whilst providing our pupils with the opportunities to develop their reading and skill socials.

We are also aiming to encourage our pupils to participate in a variety of communities to understanding the value of giving to others.

Year 3 & 4

Early Years Helpers

To ensure that our pupils understand the value of participating and contributing to society, our Year 4 pupils take on the role of Early Year’s Helpers. The pupils support our youngest pupils throughout the lunchtime teaching them how to play and interact with each other.