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Mental Wellbeing


                                               "Everyone to Excel through Pride and Ambition"


Social Impact School 2024 Award

"The Social Impact Schools Award celebrates and showcases schools’ commitment to having a social impact and provides formal recognition of those schools placing social action and charity-work at the heart of their education. Schools, teachers and students see social action and engagement with charitable causes as critical building blocks of educating children. Parents and inspectors increasingly look for schools that adopt a holistic approach, choosing institutions that help children develop into kind, empathic and empowered young adults. The Social Impact Schools Award provides recognition of schools’ achievements in this area." (SuperKind Org)

We are delighted to be recognised as a school that is committed to promoting Kindness.  At Montem Academy, we have one value and that is to be a kind person to everyone.  We teach our pupils that kindness is free and everyone has the ability to gift kindness to others.

Wellbeing School Award

In 2023, Montem Academy was recognised for reaching the National Standard for Positive Mental health and Wellbeing.

This award focusses on changing the long-term culture of the whole school.  Using an evidence-based framework to drive change, it helped Montem Academy to promote staff and pupil wellbeing, identify staff training opportunities and develop school policies.  This award will ensure that mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of school life.