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KS2 Photography Workshop

Pupils from across Key Stage 2 were treated to a fantastic photography workshop on Friday 30th November by the professional photography company, ‘Sharp Shots’. Children were introduced to the different features of the camera and how to use some of these in and around our playground. They were then provided with a camera of their own to experiment with and to complete a series of tasks. Year 3 and 4 focused on nature in winter and applied their skills by taking lots of close-up pictures, including flowers, twigs and bark.

Some children even managed the art of taking action photos of falling leaves and jumping into puddles! Year 5 and 6 focused on perspective and very skilfully made marbles and toy dinosaurs look gigantic. They even made it look like they were hanging off each other’s fingers and being squashed by massive school shoes! Year 5 and 6 also had the privilege of meeting Windsor Castle’s professional photographer, Eva. They had a rare glimpse at some extraordinary photos she took of the queen, the Crown Jewels and the wedding dress of The Duchess of Cornwall.

This was a fantastic day for all participating children and have surely inspired them to take up photography as a serious hobby or even a profession. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the photos we took during our workshop!
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