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James Mayhew

On 18th November 2020, James Mayhew, the author of our Big Reading Book, Katie in London, visited us.  Some of the children were so inspired that they have decided that they want to be writers too!  James talked to us about what we would need to do to become writers when we are older.  He talked to us about how he became a writer and illustrator.  He read us a story about a dragon and a princess and did a live illustration to go with it.  We asked him many questions about himself, his work and his books.


Alicja said:  “I liked that he was nice and that he drew us a story.“

Fariha said:  “My favourite part was when we asked him questions about Katie in London.”

Maria said:  “I learnt that Katie is actually James Mayhew’s sister!”

Arham said:  “I liked that he showed me how to draw a castle and dragon.”