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Friday 9th October

This week, the Year 1 children have been enjoying their R-time lesson where they were learning using good manners and how to respect others


They have used playdough to make a ball then turn the ball into a worm only using 1 hand.


In Maths, the children were learning to explore different ways of making numbers using number bond diagrams and understanding number bonds to create number stories using pictures.


The children have also been learning about the 5 senses in Science.  So far, we have explored the parts of our body and the senses of smell and touch.  This week the children were eager to find out more about our sense of taste and described sweet, sour and bitter foods by tasting lemon, dark chocolate and strawberry sponge cake.


In History, the children have continued to learn about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot and they were excited to find out how the plot had been discovered and learned to order the events of the plot.