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Friday 7th May

This week Year 1 have enjoyed a four day week but have still packed a lot into the week.

We are continuing to focus on the RWI programme with the joy of some pupils having new teachers as we are now in sets. They have really showed how much their writing skills have improved over the past few weeks.

This week in maths we have reviewed our learning, looking at everything from number sequencing of number 0-40 and 100 square to fractions and recognising half and quarter of both shapes and numbers.

At the end of the week we started a new topic of telling the time. The children really enjoyed this new topic as they each got to play out the concepts with small individual clocks of their own.

The children continued to learn about Queen Elizabeth II in history. In our lesson we discovered aspects of her family life, looking at her four children.

Although the weather hasn’t been on our side this week we have enjoyed seeing our broad beans grow in our windowsills. The children are really enjoying have the hands-on experience that this topic has allowed. They have looked closely at the parts of a plant and will look closely at petals and leaves next week.