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Friday 7th May

This week has been exciting for Reception as we have been learning about Superheroes.  We started finding out how much they already knew and it is amazing what they can tell you.  During the week, the children had to design their own outfit that they then made during the week and dressed up in on Friday.  

The children had to write about their Superhero, including their superpower, what they wore and how they got around.  During role-play the children could act out a Superhero story with their friends.  Outside they used their skills in construction to build a Superhero hideout using the Den building equipment.

In Maths, we were recapping 2D shapes by getting the children to copy 2D pictures, naming the shapes.  If they could not find the correct shape, they needed to explain why they used a different shape and its name.

Half way through the week, we also asked the children to make a pattern using different templates that were easy to complex or design their own.  We were also looking at positional language as well, something easy to do at home.