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Friday 6th November

This week, the Year 1 children have been enjoying their R-time lesson, learning to use good manners, how to respect others and how to share and work together during tasks.


They used a small piece of paper, a pencil and two different colours of crayon to draw, then colour shapes, at the same time whilst their shapes were not allowed to touch.  The children really enjoyed the challenge.


In Maths the children learned to complete addition number sentences using number bonds when 1 part was missing.  They also explored how to make addition stories using correct vocabulary such as ‘altogether’, ‘more’, ‘joined’ and ‘how many is there now?’.


In Science, building up to our previous 5 senses knowledge the children will be learning about everyday materials in Autumn 2 term.  This week, the children were learning to identify materials in everyday objects such as metal, plastic, wood and fabric.