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Friday 4th December

The task this week for the year 1 children was using a piece of paper, a pencil and 5 different coloured crayons.  They had to draw around each other's hands and colour the fingers different colours.  The children had to follow a set of simple instructions deciding who would do each step.

In Maths, we have been learning about making subtraction stories, solving picture problems, using number bonds and number lines.  The children also created subtraction stories from pictures and solved subtraction problems, such as finding the whole number and the part number we have to take away, using pictures.

In Science, using their senses, the children examined the properties of everyday materials and discussed properties of absorbency and waterproofing.  They were very excited to use a water pipette and water to find out which material would soak the water up and which would repel it.  The children used wood, brick, different type of plastic, glass, metal, paper and fabric for their observation.

This term in Geography our focus is Our Local Area.  This week the children used a map of the local area and learned how to identify human and physical features using a key or symbol.