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Friday 30th April

This week, the Year 1 children have continued reviewing the school rules and have been putting these into practice throughout their lesson. They have work collaboratively using good manners, showing respect to others and sharing.


In phonics we are continuing to focus on the RWI programme. The children have been set for groups and will continue focus on Set 2 and 3 sounds; reading stories and practice fluency.  During writing children focus writing stories using the 3 skills: adjectives, conjunctions and punctuation.


In maths this week, we have been learning to count numbers to 100. The children have practiced finding tens and ones; counting in 10`s and ones; recognising that a digit in a number what its stands for; comparing number patters e.g. finding more and less and arrange them in order. Children were enjoying using concrete materials to help with their counting such as dienes, place value chart and number cards and the 100 square chart. Most children found it tricky to begin with, but have now started to grasp counting with big numbers. Keep up your mathematical skills!


In history we continued learning about Queen Elizabeth II. This week we focused on her Coronation. The children were loved seeing live footage of her coronation from 1953 and learning about the crown.


In science we continued exploring and learning about plants. We collected wild plants on our daily walk and as an experience we pulled them apart to see what parts the plan has. We also planted plant outside of our classroom as well as planted our own to care and experience of the growth of our own plant. The children really enjoyed the lessons.


The teachers continue to be proud of our students and their determination toward their own learning.