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Friday 2nd October

This week, Year 2 children have worked hard in all subjects. We completed timelines to sequence the important events of the Great Fire of London and we worked as a class to explain and prove their ideas.  Using this knowledge, the children looked at the diary of Samuel Pepys to plan and write their own diaries.  They looked at the features of a diary and they used the senses to describe the fire and how they felt.


In Maths, the children looked at different number patterns; counting in ones, twos, fives, tens and threes.  They were able to discuss the patterns and to complete them.  They used different resources; dienes, number lines and hundred number squares


In science the children had fun looking at some materials and they used forces; pull, push, squash and twist to change the shapes of these materials.  Also, they looked at some flexible and non-flexible materials.